The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is hosting its annual General Assembly on 23-27 May 2022, convening scientists from a broad range of Earth sciences.

CONSTRAIN researchers feature in a number of events:

Towards a net-zero world: remaining carbon budgets, mitigation pathways, zero emissions commitment, and implications for policy

Co-organized by BG8

Convener: Andrew MacDougall Co-conveners: Katarzyna Tokarska, Joeri Rogelj, Kirsten Zickfeld

Presentations  Mon, 23 May, 17:00–18:30 (CEST) Room 0.14

Rapidly evolving anthropogenic aerosol emissions induce strong and regionally heterogeneous climate impacts on the way to a net-zero world (17:36–17:42 EGU22-6910 on-site presentation)

Fusion of polarimetric radar observations, atmospheric modelling, and data assimilation for improved cloud and precipitation process understanding, model evaluation and parameterization development

Convener: Silke Troemel Co-conveners: Andrew Barrett, Stefan Kneifel, Jana Mendrok, Johannes Quaas

Presentations Wed, 25 May, 08:30–10:00 (CEST) Room 0.11/12

Reducing uncertainty in regional climate responses to anthropogenic aerosol emissions

Convener: Laura Wilcox Co-conveners: Sabine Undorf, Massimo Bollasina, Bjørn Samset

Presentations Wed, 25 May, 10:20–11:50 (CEST) Room M2

Understanding the surface temperature response and its uncertainty to CO2, CH4, black carbon, and sulfate (11:20–11:27 EGU22-7075 virtual presentation)

Absorbing Aerosols: Experiments, Observations, and Modelling

Convener: Ross Herbert | Co-conveners: J.M. Haywood, Lucia Timea Deaconu, Paola Formenti, Marc Mallet

Presentations Thu, 26 May, 15:55–18:30 (CEST) Room M1

Aerosol absorption in global models from AeroCom Phase III (15:55–16:05 EGU22-9272 on-site presentation)

West African monsoon precipitation impacted by the South Eastern Atlantic biomass burning aerosol outflow (16:22–16:29 EGU22-2240 virtual presentation)

Australian Wildfires cause the largest stratospheric warming since Pinatubo. (17:34–17:41 EGU22-7918 virtual presentation)

Observation of the direct effect of aerosols in the South-East Atlantic at high temporal resolution from MSG/SEVIR (18:09–18:16 EGU22-7669 virtual presentation)

Emulators and simple climate models: development and applications

Convener: Christopher Smith Co-conveners: Zebedee R. Nicholls, Kalyn Dorheim, Ben Sanderson, Bjørn Samset

Presentations  Fri, 27 May, 10:20–11:50 (CEST)13:20–14:05 (CEST) Room 0.49/50

A spatially explicit approach for joint temperature-precipitation emulation of Earth System Model simulation (11:05–11:11 EGU22-11049 highlight)

The updated CICERO Simple Climate Model – an open-source emulator contribution to the AR6 process (11:17–11:23 EGU22-12390 virtual presentation)

Thermal response timescales and associated spatial patterns in ESMs to pulse injections of climate forcers (11:35–11:41 EGU22-5538 on-site presentation)

Assessing the consistency of institutional pathways with the Paris Agreement (13:20–13:26 EGU22-9739 on- site presentation)

Points of no return to respect the Paris Agreement (13:26–13:32 EGU22-1075 on-site presentation)